If you are an author wishing to submit a reprint:
Litro occasionally reprints material which has appeared elsewhere, such as novel extracts or stories from published collections. However, we do not generally accept reprinted material, so please do not submit stories which have already appeared elsewhere, whether online or in print.

If you are a publisher who would like to reprint work which appeared first on Litro:
[Authors, please pass on the information below to your potential publisher.]

  1. Please complete this permissions form carefully and send it via an email attachment to [email protected].
  2. We will return the permissions contract in duplicate to you for your signature.
  3. After signing the contracts, please send it back to us for our signature.*

*The contract must be returned to us within one year or the offer is automatically cancelled. No permission is granted until you have received a copy with our signature.

If you do not intend to reprint the material covered by this contract, please return the agreement unsigned so that we may clear out files and avoid bothering you later with inquiries about the form.

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  1. Jamie Brindle says:

    Hi there, sorry to bother you. This is probably a stupid question, but just to double check…
    I have a story that I’ve made available through my smash words account – does this count as already printed/unsubmittable?
    Like I say, probably a stupid question!
    Thanks for your time,


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