Litro #151: Adrenaline – Playing Games

“Follow me,” I said. “I know a good spot.” I knew as I was saying the words that I shouldn’t be saying them. With its heavy thumps my heart tried to warn me to go back. Ignoring it, I started to do the front crawl, so we’d get there faster. Half-way, as I turned my head to breathe, I gulped in sea water and had to stop. Read more →

Sardinia, 92

Paolo moored the boat a few hundred yards from the shore. There was not a soul in sight. Stripping off their clothes, Paolo and Julie leapt from the deck into the ocean, swimming until their arms and legs ached. The clear turquoise water was unlike anything she had seen before. She’d heard these waters were the cleanest in all of the Mediterranean. On the boat deck, they made love, the late afternoon sun warming their naked, conjoined forms. This was the first time she’d done it alfresco. Before the point of climax, Paolo said he loved her. “Io ti amo!” Julie buried her face in-between his neck and shoulder, too ashamed to look him in the eyes. Read more →