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Litro #148: The Going Home issue – Letter from the Editor

This month in Litro #148 we explore the notion of what Going Home – means to us. Is it a familiar physical space? A refuge? A feeling? A state of mind? Or is home actually to be found in another human being – maybe your partner, your parents? How do you know when you have found it? Read more →

Litro #147: The Space issue – Letter from the Editor

Welcome to Litro #147 - the Space Issue. In this issue we explore the world’s ever-evolving urban social landscape. We’ve got art, stories, essays, cartoons, interviews - all examining the ways in which individuals and groups carve out their own spaces, dare to take up space and make their built environment(s) distinctly their own. Read more →

Feather Footed Kids, winner of the 2015 Litro & IGGY Young Writers Prize

In youth we were thunder-bringing, earth-shaking, feather-footed kids. We lived in the suburbs, all those perfect houses in rows and all their perfectly manicured lawns, but sometimes when we were in the neighbour-hood park we’d pretend we were somewhere else, somewhere rural where the fields stretched for miles until the clouds dipped low and kissed the golden horizon. Read more →

Once and Once Only: the Finished #Litrostory

Last week we ran the latest in our series of literary experiments on Twitter. We asked our followers to write a collective story, one tweet at a time. Novelist Danny Wallace (whose new novel Who Is Tom Ditto? is the current title in the Litro Book Club) wrote the first line for us, and then we handed the story over to fate… and Twitter. Read more →