Declan Tan, joins the Litro Film Reviews Editorial Team

Declan Tan, joins the Litro Film Reviews Editorial Team


Declan Tan joins the editorial team at Litro Online today, Declan also writes about culture, business and politics. His writing has appeared in Flaunt, Little White Lies, 3:AM, the Quietus, and others. While living in Nuremberg, he published two small press novels. Lunch and dinner are very dear to him. He is from London.

Here’s what Declan has to say on what excites him and the kind of reviews he plans on commissioning.

“We’ll consider original reviews of independent, mainstream, TV, exhibition, installation, festival, the local flea market, and from behind your couch films – all are welcome – pitches and/or completed pieces.

Maybe you’ve found something that’s for too long been overlooked or undervalued. Bring it back into the light. Equally, you may have something you think is overrated. Have us reconsider.

We’re also interested in longer, more in-depth cinema and TV features with strong angles on topics including but not at all limited to: politics, propaganda, gender, race, funding, violence, theory, technology, trash. We like criticism that engages with the ideas put forward on screen. But it needn’t be academic (in fact, preferably not).

Be witty, be engaging and be informed.

You can pitch your ideas to Declan at [email protected]

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