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Lacking In Magic?: Blue Wizard/Black Wizard at St Mark’s Church in-the-Bowery, Manhattan

Dave Malloy and Eliza Bent's Blue Wizard/Black Wizard, the latest show by the mischievous, pop culture-literate duo at St Mark's Church in-the-Bowery in Manhattan, is an electropop musical about disaffected wizards and their struggle against the Great Mediocrity. They should speak for themselves, says Tara Isabella Burton... Read more →

Litro in Edinburgh: Omega and Melmoth The Wanderer at the Assembly Rooms

Tara Isabella Burton couldn't have had two more contrasting experiences at Edinburgh's Assembly Rooms. One show, Omega, was one of the worst she'd seen; the other, Melmoth The Wanderer, was one of the best. In her final despatch from Edinburgh, our critic reflects on what this says about her festival experience as a whole. Read more →

Litro in Edinburgh: The Georgian Theatre Festival

To seek out the Georgian Theatre Festival, Tara Isabella Burton found herself in a world of sparse information, misadvertised shows and, in one case, a set held up by customs. It's a shame, however, as it turned out to be one of Edinburgh's gems... Read more →

Nothing Changes in Tbilisi. In Tbilisi, Everything Changes.

Tara Isabella Burton on her search for a sense for belonging and an elegy for a rapidly disappearing city: "One of Saakashvili's new visa schemes attracts Iranian tourists, enticing them with the promise of gambling, of women, of wine. My chaikhana, in close proximity to many of the city's brothels, is soon full of men who puff on water pipes and drink well into the night. I stop going to the bathhouses after being taken, one heart-pounding night, for a prostitute." Read more →