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Between Myth and History: An Interview with Travis Elborough

When we learnt the nursery rhyme about the bridge at school our teacher made a remark about it being sold to America, and my interest was piqued at a young age. When researching my book The Bus We Loved, I discovered a Routemaster had been shipped to the States, and stood at the foot of the bridge serving as an ice cream parlour, which got me thinking about the whole story again. Read more →

Graphic Collection: New York Drawings by Adrian Tomine

A recurring theme is the discovery of the city’s beauty in unexpected places. The introductory three-page comic depicting the artist’s social anxiety about being at a publishing party alone gives way to fascination at the sight of an unseen aspect of the city through the bathroom window. Elsewhere, it’s the split second of eye contact between subway passengers in parallel carriages reading the same book (Tomine's first New Yorker cover), and a young girl’s wistful last glimpse of New York through the car’s rear window as her family embark on a holiday. Tomine has an uncanny knack for depicting facial expressions—eyes dart, collarbones quiver. Read more →

Out of this World at the British Library

With ‘Out of This World’, the British Library has crafted a comprehensive, interplanetary journey through Science Fiction, perhaps the most inventive and ingenious of storytelling genres, but also one of the most derided. I genuinely loved the British Library’s previous exhibition ‘Evolving English’, a far-reaching, interactive and multimedia exploration of how we communicate, and my visit to ‘Out of This World’ proves to be every bit as enlightening. Read more →