Litro #154: Cuba | Photography | The Cuban- Americans

CaZYGYUUUAI5bRI In The Cuban-Americans Geandy Pavon contributes a series of photographs on displacement and longing.

When I left Cuba with my family, the only thing we brought with us was a photo album everything else was left behind. For many people in exile Cuba has become a photograph, a memory they protect and long for. I have the feeling that this strong connection to the past has made us forget our present, in some ways is like everything that really matters has a direct connection to the island, meanwhile we forget about the memories we generate somewhere else. To me, photography has become a way to document everyday live of the Cuban Diaspora. I have realized that this is a story that has not been told yet, at least from a photographic perspective.


My ongoing series The Cuban-Americans is an attempt to tell a story of Cuba outside Cuba. The series takes off from a concept put forth by Cuban-American writer Gustavo Pérez Firmat: a hyphen that both binds and sets apart—nominally and culturally—the Cuban and North American identities. This in-between realm, almost a no man’s land, creates a sort of a-temporal existence and, hence, a strangeness, a complex, un-definable and anachronistic space, the key element of my work.