Where Are We Now

The ongoing project, “Where Are We Now”, is a series of linoleum cut prints in comic strip format in two matrixes, one in a comic-strip style and another in repetition of the strip. The series is about me and my dad’s struggle after my mother’s passing in 2009 in Los Angeles. As an immigrant family to the United States, overcoming emotional and financial damage wasn’t easy, especially when other families and friends were living far away in our homeland. Through comic prints, I portray the confusion and depression my family went through and how we dealt with my dad’s alcoholism after loss.

My works overall reflect on past experiences and feelings. In my prints and comics I have been working on the concept of “a black room”, which comes from memories of a dark room in childhood and as a young adult after a series of traumatic events. Lack of privacy and the need for my own space, from constant moving and room-sharing, have made me create a small room in my head. “Black room” is a physical and spatial visualization of where feelings and memories stay. The idea of “a black room” is often illustrated in the “Where Are We Now” prints.





dad, you didn’t mean to say that because I didn’t



One Afternoon



In the Shower



Lost in Translation



My Dad