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Promises You Can Keep

Pete leant on the washing machine, catching his breath, looking around. It was a big kitchen. Big and empty and incomplete, caught between one age and another, one owner and the next. It was clear the new owner wanted a modern kitchen, one gutted of the past, cleared of its reminders. Ghosts of fixtures past haunted the walls; dressers, shelves and cupboards cast negative shadows across age-darkened wallpaper. The house still clung to what remained of the old, but the new owner would win; the house did not have the energy to resist such determined change. Read more →

Kevlin Henney – Schrödinger’s Pizza

"I don't like your thinking. It's unnecessary, not to mention cruel and unusual. There's nothing reasonable about putting a cat in a box with a vial of poison and a lump of radioactive material, then wondering whether it's dead, alive or caught in some weird zombie state between the two, further prolonging its torment by pondering the philosophical meaning of it all instead of opening the damned box and rescuing the poor cat! Thinking it is not much better. I'm sure Mr Schrödinger –" Read more →

Remembrance of Things Past by Kevlin Henney

A man returns to a tragic moment in his past, desperately trying to change what happened.

[audio:kevlinhenney-remembranceofthingspast.mp3|titles=Remembrance of Things Past|artists=Kevlin Henney]

Kevlin Henney writes words and code. He is a software development consultant and writer with three books and hundreds of technical articles to his name. One of his short stories was selected and published as a runner-up in the New Scientist‘s 2010 Flash Fiction Competition.

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