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10 Women’s Books in Translation You Should Be Reading

We asked Polish novelist A.M Bakalar to pick her list of 10 Women's Books in Translation You Should Be Reading. From the tragic recollections of student life during the 1980s political revolt in South Korea to the hypnotic stories of people's resilience by Marie NDiaye - if you'd like to know more about women's books in translation, this is where to start. Read more →

My Top Ten Nigerian Books

I’ve always been a huge fan of Nigerian literature. A few years back I even went on a course to learn Igbo. I started seriously reading Nigerian literature during my PhD studies on Nigerian and Zimbabwean contemporary fiction—a course, incidentally, which I never finished, because I wrote my own novel instead! The brevity, freshness, and unique story telling style of Nigerian authors made me fall in love with the country’s literature and taught me in turn to believe in myself and my own writing style. Read more →