Litro Magazine is a short stories and creative arts magazine, in print with a fully fledged online platform providing a place for readers, writers and the broader creative community to discuss various aspects of literature, arts and culture through features, reviews, non-themed fiction, interviews, columns. Litro is self-selecting for people with an interest in literature, culture and innovation, and is perfect reading for those with busy lives.

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Our central is to provide commuters and city dwellers with an inspiring, thought-provoking alternative that takes you places you don’t normally think about when travelling around the city.
We believe literary magazines should not just be targeted at writers themselves, or even those with a particular interest in literature, instead Litro believes in reaching the general reader whether they be a commuter, someone browsing in a bookshop or in a bar or a café to meet a friend. Fiction should be enduring, not disposable, and as such Litro in print, is especially designed to fit in your pocket or bag we think of it as a small free book.

We believe these qualities- inspiration, endurance, focus- benefit our readers and advertisers alike.

Litro|129, Brazil

Litro|134, The Technology Issue

Litro|136, The Music Issue

An advertising partnership with Litro Magazine can help your business tell it’s story to our readers helping your business achieve its objectives and enhance it’s external relations.

For advertising enquiries, please contact our advertising team at: Sales for a media pack.

Readers of Litro and partners alike recognise our brand values of being an open, passionate, innovative and creative magazine that champions writers and artists alike.

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