Leverage Technology to Improve Your Writing

Leverage Technology to Improve Your Writing

Are you an aspiring writer? Getting your thoughts from the corners of your mind onto paper is a challenging process that only talented individuals can master. However, the advent of the information age presents numerous benefits for anyone interested in making a career out of writing.

Today there are apps and programs available that assist you in handling a wide variety of tasks needed, to succeed at writing. Here are 5 handy apps you can download and use to turn your writing from average to amazing.

The apps work on both iOS and Android platforms, so don’t stress about the need to sell your Samsung S7 Edge to run the apps. Download, install and start your path to professional writing today.

1. ProWritingAid

This app is the best all-in-one writing tool available online. Edit your work, receive guidance on style from your writing coach and check your grammar with this user-friendly program.  

Improve the strength of your message and clarify your text with the ProWritingAid grammar report that shows you any over-used words, vague and abstract words, passive voice, and dangling modifiers. The app also includes more software integrations than any other editing software.

2. Freemind

Brainstorming is a vital part of the writing process. However, sometimes inspiration hits us at strange moments when we’re busy with other activities or commuting between destinations. Freemind allows you to plan out your work wherever you are using your mobile device.

Instead of wasting 2 hours on your commute, use it to plan your next blog, article or book. Freemind’s mind-map tools assist you with visualizing workflow and aid in organizing complex ideas.

3. Grammarly Premium

Nothing ruins our writing faster than reading a piece with poor grammar. Do away with uncertainty in your writing and download Grammarly Premium. The free version works well, but it lacks the advanced checks of the premium version.

A year’s subscription fee may seem expensive, but when you consider the value it gives to your writing, it’s well worth the investment.

4. Evernote

Do away with the sticky notes and download Evernote. This handy app lets you take notes on the fly and has up to 60MB of storage. Bookmark pages for your research and open them later when you have time to plan and research properly. Evernote is a great free app that improves your writing productivity.

5. Todoist

Stay organized with Todoist. Planning is an integral part of writing, but executing that plan is where the dream becomes a reality. Use this app to list daily tasks you need to reach your planning milestones. Create custom schedules and set goals with notification reminders to keep you on track to meet your publishing deadline.

6. Canva

A picture says a thousand words. Take advantage of this adage and add custom images to your blog that enhance the effect of your writing. Canva is easy to use and features hundreds of themes, design sizes, as well as plenty of font types, frames, and enhancements that allow you to edit your images to perfection.


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