Litro Magazine Crowdfunder Shines a Light on Emerging Literary Talent

Indiegogo platform chosen to take the ‘Litro movement’ to the next level.

We need your help to give a platform to the work of undiscovered writers in India and Korea.

Since 2005, we at Litro have prided ourselves on bringing you, our readers, alternative stories and viewpoints from around the world. One of the key ways that we do this is by discovering new literary talent. We love finding talented writers and helping them to generate the attention that their stories deserve. But in order to carry on providing a platform for new and emerging talent, we need your help. That’s why we have recently launched a crowdfunding campaign to extend our World Series into 2018, and help us to illuminate emerging literary talent from around the globe.

Over the past ten years, Litro has nurtured and supported literary talent in a variety of ways: by running competitions, offering prizes, and – most important of all – getting new work published. It’s a simple concept with an immense impact. Previously, Litro has provided a platform for some writers to emerge to global recognition, including Richard House (2013 Man Booker Longlist), Eleanor Catton (2013 Man Booker winner), Stuart Evers and Claire Wigfall. By promoting new writers, and putting their work in front of bookshops, publishers, and – above all – readers, we hope to discover a diverse range of styles, opinions, and ways of seeing.

In 2011 Litro launched our World Series Edition, challenging ourselves to shine a light on literature from one particular country per year. These special issues celebrate writers from diverse parts of the world, with varying styles and opinions, and try to encourage a cross-cultural conversation. So far we’ve published World Series Editions exploring literature from a range of countries, including Mexico, Cuba, Ghana, Nigeria, Brazil and Sweden. Last year, Issue 156 focused on India, highlighting South Asian writing in English and featuring young voices like Aatish Taseer as well as established writers like Shehan Karunatilaka. The end result was a bold collection of poetry, fiction, and essays, highlighting the power of literature across borders.

This year, we’ve doubled our challenge, by aiming to publish not one but two World Series Editions. In January, issue 168 of Litro will revisit Indian fiction, but this time we will focus on the lesser known languages of the more remote regions. This expanded edition will be twice the size of our previous issue, and will be guest edited by writer and politician Shashi Tharoor, featuring writers from Indian traditions of Bengali (Sangeeta Bandyopadhyay) Malayalam (Paul Zachariah, Benyamin), Tamil (Perumal Murugan, K.R Meera) and more.

In May our spotlight will be on female authors in South Korea, in an issue guest edited by Deborah Smith (2016 Man Booker winning translator (The Vegetarian). The work published will include writers from diaspora communities who write in languages other than Korean, such as Han Kang (2016 Man Booker winner), Krys Lee, and Janet Hong, to name a few. We also plan to exhibit our writers and their work at a series of events at literary and cultural festivals, in London and across the globe.

Here at Litro, we love finding talented writers and helping them to generate the attention that their stories deserve. But we need you, in order to carry on providing a platform for new and emerging talent. By supporting our crowdfunder on Indiegogo you would be taking our World Series to the next level, by helping us to get these stories translated, published, and read. And don’t just do it for us – there’s some really incredible rewards that you can get your hands on by pledging!

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