Litro #166: After Dark

Cover Art: by Joshua B. Huitz


Letter from the Editor Eric Akoto

Black Moons by Robin Dunn

I understand by Chinweokwu Ukwueze

Todo Es De Color – Children Of Catalunya by Viviane Vives

Wild Thing, Or The Law Of Superposition by Susanna Crossman

Fallen Maidens by Regi Claire

Night Sharks 2 by Lucie Britsch

Triadic by Allyson Fairchild

Welcome! to The After Dark issue Litro#166.

 Litro Magazine’s November 2017 issue is filled with stories about what goes on after darkness has fallen, when we think no one’s watching, or after-hours, when everything’s shut. Secrets and shady stuff, illicit activity, or things more magical: the store mannequins come to life, elves appear to do the poor shoemaker’s work (but not the poor writer’s, alas) .. or scarier stuff, too: the vampires and ghouls and zombies and werewolves come out to play, and to eat us all up. Support Litro, and get one of our All-Access membership for subscription to our print magazine and unlimited online access and help us to help writers.

Eric Akoto is Publisher and Editor in Chief of Litro Magazine. His passions lie in progressive politics, freedom of expression, quality & independence in arts and journalism, social enterprise, secularism, good technology, and above all the power of fiction to connect and bring a level of empathy to different peoples. With a journalistic background his writing has featured in various magazines, and contributed to various books he also curates and comperes at festivals such as The Latitude Festival and the Hay Festival. The first thing he does when visiting a city is to don a pair of trainers and go for a jog around the city. He highly recommends a morning meditation to start your day.

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