Golden rules and tips for buying skull rings

Golden rules and tips for buying skull rings

Are you enticed to buy unique jewellery pieces? If you are looking for an out of the box idea, then you should think on the lines of buying skull jewellery. Now it is often perplexing how to select the appropriate jewellery pieces. Now the sterling silver skull ring may be the best option for you and is usually the hot favourite. It is a convenient pick and you can get so much variety in skull rings. Now I will just give you some tips regarding how you can get hold of the best skull ring.

Tips for selecting the best sterling silver skull ring

View the testimonials carefully: Now when you are making an online purchase, then you should go for a seller who can offer customer testimonials and quality photos. This way you will be sure about the fact that you are making a smart purchase. The photos will also give you a clear perception about the designs. The best place to buy skull rings is Bikerringshop.

Focus on the size: There are times when the size of the ring alone will give you a clear perception about the quality. For example, a good quality skull ring should have a maximum size of about 35 grams. If the ring is heavier, then you will not feel quite comfortable in wearing the ring. The minimum size of a ring should be about 15 grams. If the weight is less than this, then this means that the seller has made a significant compromise on the quality.

Have a clear idea about the price: It is often difficult to decipher the price of a skull ring as well. First, you need to be aware of the fact that the price of the ring is determined by the material used in making the ring. If a ring is made up of sterling silver, then ideally it should cost about five times less than a gold ring of the same design. I will also give you an idea about the price range that you should expect. A good quality skull ring will cost between $50 to $250.

Go for pure sterling silver: It is also important that you should only go for skull rings that are made of pure sterling silver. The reason is that sterling silver is quite a durable metal and will last for years to come. Ask the seller if the jewellery has an oxidized finish. The benefit of choosing such rings is that you will not need to get it polished on a frequent basis.
Now that I have given you the tips for choosing the best skull ring, I will also give you a tip to retain the shine of the ring. You should think on the lines of buying a silver cleaning cloth as well. It will help in ensuring the optimum shine and look of the ring. The best part is that you have to clean the ring with the cloth just once a month and it will surely look good as new. Try out the suggested tips and you will surely not regret following them.

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