Litro #162: Literary Highlife | The Unbelievable

after Martin Carter

They like talking in the dark.

They are just voices. With the lamp off

his voice is air, warm, passing

over her ear, and the ear is catching it.

They have no obvious bodies,

no histories to set alight. They are,

both of them, black, and the breath

of the universe. They are a part

of the darkness, the emptiness in

the unbelievable, in the shadowness

of the night. And they are talking

about how they should go to Accra

in August, because Europe is nice

but gets boring. And one voice is

talking about how its body

needs heat – how, in the heat

that body remembers

that it has a body, begins to love

that body again. And the other

voice is agreeing, though the other

voice has a body that’s from

here, that doesn’t suffer too much

in the cold, though, still,

that body is here, warming hers.

And they are as good as twins

in the womb tonight, in the unbelievable

in the shadowness.