Weekend Archives: Trees by Anthony Doerr

Photograph by Barbara Miers

He stops at the supply room window, a floor-to-ceiling sheet of glass, double-paned, six feet wide. The best window in the entire building. Third storey, forty feet up. He has been in here maybe three thousand times and hasn’t noticed this window once. Maybe they’ve stripped it of blinds, or hauled some obscuring shelf away.

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Anthony Doerr

About Anthony Doerr

Anthony Doerr is the author of four books, The Shell Collector, About Grace, Four Seasons in Rome, and, most recently, Memory Wall. His work has been anthologized in The Best American Short Stories and won numerous prizes, including four O. Henry Prizes, the National Magazine Award for Fiction, two Pushcart Prizes, the 2010 Story Prize, which is considered the most prestigious prize in the U.S. for a collection of short stories, and the 2011 Sunday Times EFG Short Story Award, the largest prize in the world for a single short story. In 2007, Doerr made Granta's list of 21 Best Young American novelists. He lives in Boise, Idaho with his wife and two sons.



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