Choose Your Own

Choose Your Own

  1. Bill walked silently along a path surrounded by trees and flowers in the park while holding hands with Jane, listening to her as she babbled on about how she wished she could live a life of pure ease and didn’t have to go to work at the local middle school for the next week. Bill looked over to the side of the path and rolled his.

Skip to part 2 if you want this story to become romantic. Skip to part 3 if you want this story to become violent.


  1. All of a sudden it began to rain. Jane lifted the hood on her jacket to cover her head, but Bill pulled it down, grabbing her face and kissing her. Jane’s entire body tensed up and she squeezed her eyes, too distracted by the cold droplets seeping through her clothes to enjoy the moment. She pulled her lips away right after Bill did, following his lead.

Skip to part 5 if you want them to get out of the rain. Skip to part 3 if you want Bill’s passion to turn to rage.


  1. Jane tried her hardest to make Bill smile, but he whipped out a knife he had stolen from the hospital where he worked from his jacket pocket and held it against Jane’s body. She knew it was coming, but the terror that ran through her made her entire body shake. Jane shut her eyes and screamed, pulling her arms in front of her face.

Skip to part 7 if you want Jane to surrender. Skip to part 4 if you want Jane to make an escape. 


  1. Jane panicked and ran away as fast as she could, tripping over a rock and falling to the ground. Bill approached her quietly from behind, as she brushed off the dirt from her knees. She tilted her head down and whispered a small prayer of hope. Maybe this time somebody would come and save her, but nobody was around.

Skip to part 7 if you want Bill to attack. Skip to part 6 if you want Jane to fall back in love.


  1. Bill and Jane quickly headed to Bill’s car. He peeled off her wet clothes and held her close against his chest. After many minutes of rubbing her back softly, Jane’s breathing began to slow down and relax. Bill turned on the radio, wide-awake as Jane leaned her head backwards in an attempt to sleep.

Skip to part 3 if you want Jane’s life to be threatened. Skip to part 6 if you want them to fall in love.


  1. Jane decided she simply could not bear it if Bill was away from her, even like this. She wanted him closer. After all, she loved him; there was no one else to love. Without him, she had nobody. Without him, she might complain less, of course, but there would be nothing sustaining her, nothing making her feel wanted or needed.

Skip to part 2 if you want them to stay in love. Skip to part 4 if you want Jane to change her mind and leave.


  1. In the past, his violent actions had mostly been threats. But at a moment in which she wasn’t expecting it, Bill stabbed Jane twice in her side. “That’s what you get,” he whispered, and walked off. She dropped to the ground, writhing in pain, barely breathing. It took all of her strength to pull her phone out of her pocket and call an ambulance. She told them it was an accident.

Skip to part 1 if you want them to pretend as if nothing happened. Skip to part 5 if you want Bill’s rage to turn into romantic passion.

Rebecca Dutsar is currently a senior Writing Major at Ithaca College. She is a lover of all things literature and a hater of all things math. If there is either poetry, baby animals, or glitter present, Rebecca will most likely be there, clapping her hands with joy.


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