Litro #157: Nightmares!

Litro #157: Nightmares!

Cover Art: by Nigel Cooke


Letter from the Editor Eric Akoto

Last Night I Didn’t Dream at All by Raquel Castro

Invisible Architecture by E. G Cunningham

The Blackened Spell by Rhiannon D’Averc

Sweet Marrow by Bethany Pope

Yellow Cake by Rosalind Goldsmith

Secrets Like Lead by Francine Cunningham

Summer by David Simpson

Welcome! to The Nightmares! issue Litro#157.

NightmaresLitro’s mission is to find the best and most exciting new voices in fiction and non-fiction and give them a platform for their work. To read work from other writers to watch, get our All-Access membership for subscription to our print magazine, membership exclusives and unlimited online access.

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