Musings of a Techie: 5 Ways To Use Technology To Help With Daily Writing

Musings of a Techie: 5 Ways To Use Technology To Help With Daily Writing


  • Keep lists of ideas on your phone as you think of them during the day. (Yes, my list just suggested you use lists.)
  • Post to a daily blog. Medium is a nice blogging platform if you don’t already have a blog. It even has a mobile app so you can publish on the go. Posting publicly every day can give you the motivation to continue, especially as you start to be read by others.
  • Take photos on your phone of any thought provoking scenes you encounter throughout the day that could be used as a basis for a blog, article, or short story. (And no, a photo of your coffee at Starbucks doesn’t count.)
  • Record audio on your phone of yourself talking about your day, your feelings, or your ideas. (Best to do this in a quiet environment. Not in a library, though, ok?) Transcribe your recordings later in the day.
  • Read daily. This isn’t particularly related to technology per se, but the benefit of smartphones, tablets, and kindles is that you have access to a wealth of words that you can consume at any time, day or night. Exploring yourself to others’ creativity helps foster your own creativity.
  • So there you have it. Some fairly simple ideas to help you keep blogging daily with the use of technology.

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