Litro #155 | Movement: Letter from the Editor

Litro #155 | Movement: Letter from the Editor

Litro #155: Movement Cover
Dear Reader,

The word Homonym, is a Latin name which is identical to that of a different organism, the newer of the two names being invalid. Our theme Movement this month is just that a Homonym.

The word Movement conjures up the oft-used- clichéd saying: the simple things are often the most important things.

Restricted the simple act of Movement has so many life threatening consequences. Fully enabled and the mere act of Movement will lead to a good and healthy life this applies to the individual and to the collective Masses – whether formed for a Movement or gathered together fleeing a place once called home.

If my parents had not had the opportunity to move, perhaps I would not be here today telling you, I’m Londoner!

Life is a process of Movement, from the simple act of breathing more to allow a more conscious life in disciplines such as yoga and meditation to the act of moving people from one place to another for survival, prosperity, discovery or simply an adventure.

Europe continues to grapple with the influx of refugees -many fleeing war-torn homes to seek refuge elsewhere. As I write this, Italy today announced the largest rescue of its shores of Refugees fleeing Libya some 6,500 have been rescued off the coast of Libya with an estimated 40 co-ordinated rescue missions taking place a stretch of 12 miles of the Libyan town of Sabratha- an occurrence that for our generation has become – what seems to be the daily norm – all played out in the backdrop of our relevant movements from summer beach retreats and last minute retreats for the summer. Refugees have been seeking safe haven in the West for years. Recently, however, something has changed. Thousands have become millions, as nation after nation succumbs to Movements towards anarchy and fanaticism. There is no doubting we live in the era of civil wars -now taking place in Islamic countries from Nigeria to Pakistan – this is why the many thousands has turned into millions.

Like the organism, Movement in this issue takes different forms from one story to the next. For this issue we asked our readers to inspire and captivate us with compelling stories around Movement – the selection below has been chosen from over 300 submissions and all do just that -captivate and inspire us!

We open with The Sum of Our Misfortunes by Catherine McNamara speaks of the Senegalese experience in today’s Florence.

In her Essay, Borders, Catherine Temma Davidson looks at race, culture and the limits of perspective.

We move into the collective masses forming to make a movement with We share the floor, Sarah Raine’s essay inspired by Alfred Shutz’ 1951 article, ‘Making Music together’– looks at the making of music through the ‘northern Soul’ Dance movement, a movement that emerged independently in Northern England, the Midlands, Scotland and Wales from the British mod scene and the underground rhythm & soul of the late 1960s.

Journalist Matt Broomfield, gives us The Oldman becomes brave, a story looking at the individual as one man slowly and contemplatively moves towards various ways of ending his life.

In Crossing the Wake, Cindy A. Littlefield, tells a story of a young girl coming to terms with the death of her mother.

Kelly Craig, moves our pages to Las Vegas, in her tale Driving South on Any Road, a story that seeks to engage with the complexity and richness of Las Vegas as a setting.

We close the issue with The Walk, an autobiographical piece by Kara Dennision, focusing on her experiences with endometriosis. For many years her movement was extremely limited by illness and the mere act of walking without pain, let alone running or jumping, feels like a strange and miraculous achievement.

We hope enjoy the collection of stories in this issue, and until next month, when we wonder East: with the next installment of our World Series: India guest Edited by Shashi Tharoor.

Come help celebrate the Launch of Litro Magazine’s India edition: Shashi will be joining us in London on October 13th, as we return to take over Waterstones Piccadilly with a special Indian themed evening of talks, debates, music and more.we have the usual blend of talks, readings and Live music from some of today’s leading writers, artists and musicians from India including dance performances from the award-winning dance troupe  Absolute Bollywood and much more.

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Eric Akoto is Publisher and Editor in Chief of Litro Magazine. His passions lie in progressive politics, freedom of expression, quality & independence in arts and journalism, social enterprise, secularism, good technology, and above all the power of fiction to connect and bring a level of empathy to different peoples. With a journalistic background his writing has featured in various magazines, and contributed to various books he also curates and comperes at festivals such as The Latitude Festival and the Hay Festival. The first thing he does when visiting a city is to don a pair of trainers and go for a jog around the city. He highly recommends a morning meditation to start your day.

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