Litro #149: The Love issue – Letter from the Editor

Litro #149: The <em>Love</em> issue – Letter from the Editor

149_coverDear Reader,

This month in Litro #149 we explore the notion of what Love – means to us. Love, we spend our lives craving it in one form or another, searching for it, and talking about it. Its meaning is felt more than it is clearly expressed. Some call it the greatest virtue.

The rapper KRS-One said: “That word love is very very serious. Very addictive.”

Love. You can be in it or out of it. You may feel you can’t live without it. You might feel it for yourself, your friends, your pet, your apartment, you’re partner.

In this issue we try to capture some of the questions Love asks of us: What is love? When do you feel love, and how? How do you cope with Love’ highs and lows?

Our cover art is by Taiwanese, Brooklyn based fine art photographer Hsin Wang. Hsin’s images our beautiful even in the sadness and melancholy the images portray. She uses photography as a form of therapy to discover her hidden feelings about relationships— “De-selfing” her latest Series- inspired after the break up of a six year relationship incorporates everyday objects to create her unique metaphoric and symbolic images. Its no wonder New York Times featured her work recently. Read her interview on page 43.

We open the issue with Nicolas Ridley’s Love by The Month, two couples search for rekindled love -over a valentines meal takes a rather unexpected turn- revealing the bed swapping habits of Belsize Park.

Men are hunters by nature. Men are the ones that lead the romance dance, in Ian Manley’s, A Mouldy Proposal a young man uses a novel way to get the attention of a love interest on his daily bus commute.

Toby Willamson’s, The Love Map is a piece of flash fiction exploring love & desire through a navigational chart.

Holiday Romances, we’ve all had one—Tracey Iceton gives a two sided tale of a holiday romance—with Water Love.

A professor leaves a trail of broken hearts in Annie Dawid’s, What Happens to Smart Women.

Stay by Cheryl Powell is a story of love gone wrong; or love gone too right. It captures that still point of a fleeting moment .

In Annie Brechin’s Essay, Dating in Dubai we find how the middle Eastern country deals with love – especially one amongst the younger generation often outside marriage – given Dubai’s constant reinvention and attempts to attract the worlds attention/visitors: world’s tallest tower A fountain you see from outer-space, the 12.1 miillion square feet shopping mall- with such a large expat community – Dubai defies normal expectations – the islands, 7* hotel – richest race track, so how does it deal with Love outside marriage?

We come back to London with an essay, from Tim Cooke, The Black Path– a look at love between friends.

We close the issue with an interview with Douglas Kennedy who sits down with Litro’s interviews editor Mia Funk to talk about Love, relationships and more.

Eric Akoto is Publisher and Editor in Chief of Litro Magazine. His passions lie in progressive politics, freedom of expression, quality & independence in arts and journalism, social enterprise, secularism, good technology, and above all the power of fiction to connect and bring a level of empathy to different peoples. With a journalistic background his writing has featured in various magazines, and contributed to various books he also curates and comperes at festivals such as The Latitude Festival and the Hay Festival. The first thing he does when visiting a city is to don a pair of trainers and go for a jog around the city. He highly recommends a morning meditation to start your day.

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