Classic literature – classic rooms

Classic literature – classic rooms


When re-imaging a room and thinking of a complete re-design there are many influences that you can seek inspiration from. Default ideas for children’s rooms are obviously characters from film and TV such as Spiderman, Batman or TV trash like SpongeBob Squarepants. If you wish to have a more refined and classy approach why not consider literature as your foundation reference points. These may work out better and out live a short lived fad such as film characters or a children’s TV programme – they provide a better long term focal point to your room.

One suggestion is Harry Potter or even Narnia, Harry Potter has various depictions of the library so why not introduce books into the room? There are many sites out there which can give you ideas but perhaps the best is pinterest, this site even has a homepage dedicated to Mr Potter. A chandelier is a key feature of many of the Potter looks and this could be risky in a child’s room as they can be delicate but why not link it to rooms in the house? The old and retro doesn’t have to be niche as classic features can be used in the living room and kitchen if fully realised. If a full room re-design is too much work why not consider creating a reading corner with a small bookcase, a snug chair and a few candles. This could create a nice corner to ensure that your family can receive some wind down time with some reading which gives the family the opportunity to have some traditional family time.

With any bedroom theme you can get lost with the options that are out there. One suggestion is Bedstar online, they have an online presence within the industry, their site offers a wide range of suggestions, ideas and products to suit your new room. Bedstar offer children’s novelty beds if you wish to play safe and stick to popular brands. Harry Potter is a safe bet for a room but why not be more adventurous and go for a Narnia theme? Many parents struggle over many years to get their children to sleep in their rooms and this feeling of escape and sanctuary is a strong theme. Narnia has seen several films in its series with the last being in 2010, a new film and venture is planned so this theme could be in your home in time for the next film in the series.

You don’t have to install an exhaustive Narnia theme, but the vibe of creating a hideaway can create something really special. If going for one of these book based themes please be encouraged with the fact that there are so many great products out there, so you can achieve something classic which like Potter and Narnia will stand the test of time.

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