Call for Submissions

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Call for Submissions

Litro Magazine is now open for submissions for the autumn 2015 print season alongside short stories we also publish nonfiction, reviews, art, and other cultural pieces of interest.

Whodunit (October 2015) – Submit here.
Space (November 2015) – Submit here.
Going Home (December 2015) – Submit here.
Love (February 2016) – Submit here.
Britishness (March 2016) – Submit here.

We continue with Litro’s aim of finding and launching international writers. We want stories that find new ways to view the world: the compelling and the controversial, the funny and the fantastic, the sad and the strange.

Start with place, start with identity, start with the unending agony of a blank page. We want to hear more about how people become, about how you’re altered by your surroundings, about what matters to you. We want to read about home and nostalgia, and what makes you feel a pit in your stomach when you walk into a room.

We’re delving into culture, too. If art moves you, let us see it. If you’ve read a book that altered you, write a review. If you’ve talked to someone interesting, develop an interview. If you have an interesting take on a painting, a beer, or an album, let us know.
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Stories and storytellers have been revered as messengers, social commentators and entertainers since humanity began.

From Aesop and his Fables, to the West African griots who’ve been passing on stories via the spoken word since the 14th Century, to Shakespeare, to Agatha Christie, to Notorious BIG- and beyond. Stories (whether prose, spoken word, songs or films) inspire, inquire, entertain, inform, provoke, seduce, connect.
According to Martin Amis, “fiction is the only way to redeem the formlessness of life.”

Our Fiction editor Precious Williams say’s: “As Litro’s fiction editor, I’m especially interested in hearing from emerging writers with fresh, unique voices. The focus is on short stories of upto 4000 words.

Toni Morrison once said if there’s a story you want to read, “but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.”

So, what are you saying? What would you like to bring to the conversation? What sorts of conversations would you like to spark?

We like to hang onto things. we want to hang onto your words. We’re over here on Twitter: @LitroMagazine

Litro accepts simultaneous submissions, but only considers unpublished work. We read everything. When you’ve finished writing, editing, rewriting, and revising, submit your best. If you have an idea or a pitch for a story, send us an email at [email protected]

We’re excited to see what you have for us. Thanks in advance for entrusting us to see your work.