The Street Seller’s Song

Photo by Mr. Theklan (copied from Flickr)
Photo by Mr. Theklan (copied from Flickr)

Forget the shameless clocks

Return the contortionist fish to the sea

Romp on a mattress of wild leaves

Inhale with the mind in an indigo zero

Deposit silence in a ballot box

Congregate a circle of holy water

Step on the grapes of your wine


Accustom yourself to fly with crutches

To cover the rough weather of her eyes

To descend a mineshaft


Become friends with a panther in heat

Awaken as a witch on the weekend

Create a moneybox for sleep

Donate your fingers to domestic fire

Fast on language in the middle of a fast

Dance barefoot in the dark

Spell out your sins aloud

Translation by Jennifer Clement