The Path

The Path
An exclusive excerpt from forthcoming novel The Chronicles of Zauba’ah.
Photo by David Jones (copied from Flickr)

Photo by David Jones (copied from Flickr)

“Hygiene facilities are to the left. That includes a garment refresher. Please hold out your wrist for Behavioural Implant insertion.” The penal processor android was deliberately programmed to be void of empathy.

Savant felt a wave of relief that was interrupted before he had a chance to fully grant it an accompanying sigh.

“P-1, did I hear correctly?” a female voice queried from a speaker in the wall behind the android. “Did you just affirm the being you are processing, to be Qheltarian?”

“Minshar Peebi, that is correct. Male Qheltarian, shetznu: Savantesmemtaqinah-Imhotep.”

Savant’s heart sank to his toes at hearing the title, ‘Minshar’. Of all places to be sent to. His tactical indiscretion was now far from tactful or discrete.

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Primarily a metaphysical science fiction author, through her novels Tosin Coker stimulates, educates and entertains, injecting spiritual wisdom through the infectious personalities of her characters to whom readers readily relate. As a result she has become highly regarded as a channel of knowledge and inspiration. A London-born resident of Nigerian parentage, Tosin is a mother of three, living with sickle cell, who believes in motivating by example, actively affirming that, “The only limitations are those set by the self-imposed boundaries of the mind.”

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