Imaginary Numbers

Embankment (detail) by James Abell

Embankment (detail) by James Abell

A real life ends, but is imagined

by those left behind. An imagined

death becomes reality, eventually.

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Eveline Pye

About Eveline Pye

Eveline Pye worked in a Zambian Copper Mine for ten years and lectured in Statistics at Glasgow Caledonian University for twenty years. Her poems about Africa and Mathematics have been widely published in literary magazines, newspapers and anthologies. Her statistical poetry was featured in the Royal Statistical Society’s magazine, Significance, in September 2011 as part of their Life in Statistics series. She is poetry editor of New Voices Press and the Federation of Writers (Scotland) and was an invited poet at the Bridges Conference 2013 in the Netherlands which promotes a constructive dialogue between mathematics and the arts.



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