and one last time, from the heart

and one last time, from the heart
Photo by Bolshakov (copied from Flickr)

Photo by Bolshakov (copied from Flickr)

Tho’ we said goodbye
When the moon was high
Does your heart beat for me?

Patsy Cline, 1963

When they brought her back they explained that her heart had been fitted with a transistor to help her body thrive on such small reserves of life.

It was, they implied, an untested implant.

It was, they admitted, an experimental approach.

They had taken old vacuum tubes out of the skip, dumped there when the in-house hospital radio was outsourced to Hospedia.  The studio had been gutted to make room for more beds, each fitted with a touch screen interface at shoulder height.  After half a century, the deep roll of radio waves in the corridors had stuttered into a lighthouse’s binary pulse.


I imagined the old thermionic valves out in the car park, awash with crushed glass, grit and the shadow of the skip, glistening like the jellied eggs of an octopus.

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Holly Corfield Carr is a writer and poet based in Bristol where she is writer-in-residence at Spike Island with support from Arts Council England. Her work is published in magazines, anthologies and artists' books as well as being produced for installation and performance across the UK. She received an Eric Gregory Award from the Society of Authors in 2012.

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