Dress World


Photo by Joris de Vrede via Flickr

The men showed us the clothes. The younger ones “oh” and “ah” touching the flimsy fabrics but the rest of us, the older ones, the ones that remem¬bered, watched the men’s faces. We watched their faces, wondering and remembering the rumours. The rumours of the men watching TV. Most TVs and movies have been destroyed.

We were on the men’s side. The compound that held the science depart¬ment, the cooking department and electrical department were all for the men. We were not allowed to be in here but this was a momentous occa¬sion: the clothes. Our clothes. Designed by these men.

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Xenia Taiga is a contributing editor for the online journal Eastlit. Her work is in Asian Cha, Crack the Spine, Four Way Review, Gone Lawn Journal, Industry Night Literary, Pithead Chapel, Storm Cellar Quarterly, The Molotov Cocktail and other beautiful places. She lives in southern China with a cockatiel and an Englishman.

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