Open Closet Door & We Call the Breath of the Mountains

mountains full

Photo by Lucas Jampietro (via Flickr)


Open Closet Door

I open the door of my closet

as I open a diary.

There hangs my life

my worn-out daily existence

no secrets

intimacy exposed

that no button will defend

no pocket secure,

a truer mirror than any other

holding up to scrutiny

the measures of my body.

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Translated by Diane Grosklaus Whitty.

Specialising in academia and the arts, Diane Grosklaus Whitty has translated prose and poetry by Marina Colasanti, The Devil and the Land of the Holy Cross by Laura de Mello e Souza, and Baroque: the Soul of Brazil by Affonso Romano de Sant’Anna.

Marina Colasanti was born in 1937 in Eritrea and lived in Libya and Italy before moving to Brazil. She has published more than fifty books including eight works of poetry for children and adults, as well as short stories and essays. She also does her own illustrations. She has received major prizes in Brazil and throughout Latin America.

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