Corinthians 1

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Photo by Kylir Horton (via Flickr)

Hey don’t judge me. When I married Leandro I thought everything was sorted, that I wasn’t ever going to have to worry about men or parties or what my family thought. But I was just kidding myself. Thing is, you think you’ve found the right man for you and that’s that.  You say goodbye to single life and have to listen to stuff like “so, one man for the rest of your life, eh?” And I did like Lê. You convince yourself that you wanted to enjoy life when you were young, you slept with a whole load of guys to see what was out there. Cos time passes by, you know? You had to make the most of your youth. That’s exactly it, right? You only live once. You had to enjoy the body you had, the energy you had, you had to discover new things. After a person gets married then what? You spend your whole life a fool without a sexual repertoire, you don’t learn anything and you think that your husband with his 8-centimetre pot belly is great.

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Translated by Gitanjali Patel.

Gitanjali Patel has a degree in Spanish and Portuguese from Oxford University. She has lived in Rio de Janeiro, where she worked for UNICEF and translated for authors such as the novela writer Gisele Joras. She is currently in London, working as a researcher on Latin America.

Luisa Geisler has published two collections of short stories: Contos de Mentira (‘Tales of Lies’) and Quiça (‘Perhaps’). In 2012 she was chosen for inclusion in Granta magazine’s Best Young Brazilian Novelists issue, which was published around the world in a number of languages.

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