Litro #128: Youth


Cover Art is by Willem Weismann, a Dutch artist living and working in London


Letter from the Editor – Andrew Lloyd Jones

Disco Dave by Gianna De Persiis Vona

How to Eat a Hot Dog by Tara Campbell

How To Be by C Haigh MacNeil

The Gypsum Paths by David Mohan

Golem Dust by Nick Kocz

Faith and Flight by Tom Weller

The Deepest Lake in All the World by Shaun McMichael


This is only a taster of our Youth issue. Become a Litro Member to read the whole issue.


  1. rushmyessay says:

    Youth is the future of every country and we always need to support them for a better future. I also write a book about how we control our youth and take them in the right direction so they do good things for us.

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