Spreepark: an abandoned amusement park in Berlin

Spreepark, Berlin
Spreepark, Berlin, during a festival in July 2012 in which the park opened its gates to the public and the old Santa Fe Express train took visitors on a tour.

Maedels logoThis week, as part of our Mystery issue, guest podcasters Mädels with a Microphone explore the curious world of Spreepark, an abandoned amusement park in Berlin. They uncover the sad story behind the park, its collapse into bankruptcy, and the destruction of the family who owned it. Spreepark is the place to go in Berlin for urban explorers. Once a popular GDR amusement park, then a privatized post-GDR fledgling amusement park and now covered in overgrown foliage and trees, trespassers can explore the carcasses of toppled dinosaurs, a 45-metre high ferris wheel that blows eerily in the wind and ghostly abandoned fun park villages. To listen to this episode, use the player below. Or you can subscribe on iTunes — just search “litro lab”.

  Mädels with a Microphone are journalists and Berlin residents Jennifer Collins and Tam Eastley

Tam Eastley
Tam Eastley
Jennifer Collins
Jennifer Collins

You can find Mädels with a Microphone online, or on Twitter, Soundcloud or Facebook, or on itunes. In their podcast series, Jennifer and Tam strive to create informative and quirky long and short podcasts about the hidden side of Berlin. Their podcasts are entirely self-produced using Audacity free software and trusty little zoom H2 recorders.


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