Across the Border

Across the Border
Photo by Vinoth Chandar

Photo by Vinoth Chandar


At dawn the light trickled between the trees, seeped into the dark like a milky liquid. The hues and shapes that appeared in its wake were always the same. Black-green branches, grey moss curled up like old women’s hair, blood-red lichen clinging to grey boulders.

The strangeness of the landscape comforted him. Every morning he felt relief to see it emerge into its separate components. At night it was as if it united with itself, contracted and expanded at the same time, became a thing; breathing and waiting for him outside the thin walls of the logger’s cabin.

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One comment

  1. Heidi Wyller says:

    God morgen.
    Den tar tak i deg, novellen. Så godt at det nesten er ubehagelig når det tar slutt.
    Jeg er klar for mer.


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