Purple Bra

Purple Bra
Anniversary Nude, (c) John Currin

Anniversary Nude (c) John Currin

Following a 2003 retrospective of his work at the Whitney Museum, the artist John Currin fell into a long dry spell, what he described in an interview with the Independent as “impotence with the brush.” Two years into the funk, he found a cartoon a friend had torn from a dirty magazine and sent to him in hopes of lifting his spirits. On the other side of the cartoon was a pornographic photo of a woman in a corset, her legs spread wide. He began a painting based on the image. Inspired, he prowled the Internet for more porn shots, and started more pieces. His sexual paintings are graphic, luscious, and fearless. In one, a man and a woman, naked, kiss open mouthed, their wet tongues fused, the woman with her right hand around the man’s rigid penis, the man with his left middle finger inside the woman; in another, two women fondle a third.

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Lauren Seidman earned her BA at Bennington College and an MFA in creative nonfiction from Sarah Lawrence College, leaving her awash in student loan debt. She toils as an editor in order to chip away at said debt, but squeezes in time to write essays and short stories. A born-and-raised New Yorker, Lauren currently lives in New Jersey, but her heart is in Vermont.

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