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(c) Adrian Serghie

(c) Adrian Serghie

“Do you like to listen to music during sex?” The website is asking me. I tick ‘no’. I think, who is listening to music during sex? I feel sorry for them. An old boyfriend of mine used to put music on before we had sex. It was how I knew he was about to pin me to the sofa. We were always drunk. I took his prescription medication. With his blessing, of course. He’d pin me in to the corner of the sofa like a dog, with one knee on the floor, until I was sort of supine. He held my hands above my head. Actually he wasn’t really my boyfriend. The music always seemed inappropriate. It took me a while to get into it. He’d whisper things into my ear, things like “You’re weird.” Now his wife is very beautiful. Or what I mean to say is that she’s always been very beautiful, but has only recently become his wife. They have a baby, whose name I don’t know.

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Eli Goldstone

About Eli Goldstone

Eli Goldstone writes about dreams and drinking. Her work has most recently been featured in Jawbreakers: An Anthology of Flash Fiction and she co-edits the handmade literary journal The Poor Press.



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