Excerpt from The Writing Shed

Excerpt from <em>The Writing Shed</em>
(c) Alexandre Dulaunoy

(c) Alexandre Dulaunoy/Flickr

Katja’s room was right at the top of the house; in fact it was set into the roof. The ceiling in the small room was comfortably low and the single, bare sash window began just above the floor. The walls were plain, save for a poster of Janis Joplin bedecked in bangles and beads and sat astride a Harley Davidson. Padam knew the photograph from an L.P. cover and had always been impressed by the singer’s look of debauched innocence. There was a Dansette record player on the floor and beside it a cardboard box containing a meagre collection of albums. Clothes were strewn around areas of the whole room. He made out dresses, jeans and slight, delightful panties. The garments even cascaded over an old walnut chest of drawers. Padam realised there was no wardrobe but then he couldn’t imagine where you could put one in here. The bed was simply a double mattress on the floor with what he took to be an Eiderdown on top of it and a couple of bolster pillows.

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Simon Tonkin lives in Bristol. His poetry has appeared in a number of publications and anthologies from the 1970’s to the present day. He was the recipient of a South West Arts Writer’s Award for an excerpt of his first novel – The Writing Shed. He won the Dylan Down the Ups short story competition in 2009. Since then he’s become a full time writer and artist. He specialises in drawing the houses and landscapes of his favourite writers. He is working on another novel – Other Tongues – a modern day reworking of ‘Death in Venice’.

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