The Amazing Rain

The Amazing Rain
(c) Steve Snodgrass

(c) Steve Snodgrass/Flickr

I squint up into the sky, shielding my eyes with my hand. There isn’t a cloud to be seen, just acres of cornflower blue stretching in all directions. It’s mid-afternoon, when the sun is at its most furious, so I slip quickly into the shade of the barn to try and escape. It takes a few seconds for my eyes to adjust to the darkness and I stand just inside, breathing the stale, dusty air. When I can see, I take the piece of chalk that is hanging on a string just inside the door and make another mark on the wall. I count them: forty four. Forty four days of endless, searing, mid-western sun. Forty four days without rain.

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Jane Wright is a web editor, writer and photographer. Her short fiction has been published by Litro, Sirens Call Publications, Crooked Cat, Mother's Milk Books and Popshot Magazine. She lives and works in Manchester.


  1. Nick Johns says:

    This tale has a number of strengths. It is perfectly paced and matches the action exactly. The small domestic details draw you into the world of the family. The Carnival itself and then the mysterious Regen are pure Ray Bradbury. Nicely done!

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