Adam Marek on His Latest Collection, The Stone Thrower.

Adam Marek on His Latest Collection, <em>The Stone Thrower</em>.

Hal followed the line of trajectory back, all the way across to the other side of the lake, where there was a person, a male, young. His white t-shirt was vivid against the dark wall of conifers behind as he curled his arm, winding himself up onto his back foot. He uncoiled with a co-ordinated swish that took in the whole of his body, terminating at his fingertips. The pebble he threw only became visible at the top of its arc, as it rounded against the brightening sky. Its descent was invisible, until it flared into being again, upon the head of chicken number four.  — “The Stone Thrower”

adammarekAdam Marek is a British short story writer of two collections published by Comma Press: Instruction Manual For Swallowing (2007) and, more recently, The Stone Thrower (2012), a blend of subtle sci-fi and unsettling fantasy which explores the vulnerability of children and our desire to protect them (he’s also written a great piece at The Guardian about how his fears for his autistic son manifested themselves in this book.) I previously reviewed The Stone Thrower for Litro—read it here.

In this week’s episode, Adam begins by talking about writing short stories and his fascination with the line between fantasy and reality. Actor Cliff Chapman then follows with a reading from the title story of The Stone Thrower: a chilling tale of a boy with a mysteriously specific superpower.

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More about Adam Marek: He won the 2011 Arts Foundation short story fellowship, and his short story, “Fewer Things“, was shortlisted for the 2010 Sunday Times EFG award. His stories have also been published in anthologies including The Best British Short Stories 2011 (Salt), The New Uncanny (2008, Comma), and a handful on science and technology—Lemistry (2011), Litmus (2011), and the forthcoming Biopunk, all also from Comma. Follow him at and @adammarek.

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“Unanswered Questions” and “The Chamber” by Kevin MacLeod (, licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0.

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