Six Themed Lit Blogs You Should Follow

Six Themed Lit Blogs You Should Follow

Page 22 of Finnegans Wake by Stephen Crowe

Literary Jukebox — Maria Popova of Brain Pickings (also a must-follow!) matches songs to quotes from her favourite books.

The Books They Gave Me — Stories about the books that were given to us by our loved ones, exes included (that is, if you were lucky enough to have an ex who would buy you books.)

Wake in Progress — Graphic designer Stephen Crowe attempts to illustrate every page of James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake. The challenge? In his own words: “Nothing that appears in Finnegans Wake is ever just one thing. How exactly do you draw a talking fox which is also a mouse, one of two arguing brothers, a pope, and modernist author Wyndham Lewis?” — Where bikinis are matched to book covers. Presumably so you can look like a pair when you’re reading on the beach.

New Cover — Graphic designer Matt Roeser designs book covers for books he reads. Seems like a good way for aspiring book designers to get a job too.

Write Place Write Time — Photographs and stories about the places where writers write.

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