Join the Litro East London Scavenger Hunt & Win a Collection of Books!

Join the <em>Litro</em> East London Scavenger Hunt & Win a Collection of Books!
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Summer’s here and we’ve organised a scavenger hunt for Litro readers around East London. But it’s not just all sun and games, you also stand a chance to win a collection of books! Here’s the challenge:

Twenty-nine envelopes containing old and recent issues of Litro are currently “hidden” in nine different locations – bookshops and art galleries – in East London. To help you find them, we will post some handy tips and clues on our Facebook and Twitter pages every week (starting tomorrow) with hashtag #LitroScavengerHunt through to the first week of July. Tips will also be posted here in the comments.

The two winners will be announced shortly after and will collect their bounty at a Litro Live! summer gathering on 14 July at the Serpentine Pavillion in Hyde Park.

The rules are simple:

1. Find a white envelope with “Scavenger Hunt – Litro” written on it. Just one, since every person is only limited to one entry.

2. Inside the envelope you will find a copy of Litro magazine. Within its pages, you will will find a highlighted paragraph or poem. Take a video of yourself from your mobile phone, or any video recording device, reading that paragraph/poem. Feel free to experiment with it and interpret the text any way you like. You can sing it, dance to it, rap it, say it backwards or read it while hanging upside down… anything goes.

3. Email your video to [email protected] and wait for it to be featured on LitroTV. Then tell everyone about it and get people to like your video.

4. Come July, Litro will pick two winning videos – one with the most “likes”, and one which Litro likes best. The two winners stand to win a collection of books, which they will collect at Litro Live! on 14 July.

Now, go out hunting and put your best video forward!

Any questions, tweet @litromagazine or comment below.


  1. Litro Litro says:

    Tip #6: If you are out and about in Brick Lane tomorrow, why not go see some paintings? You might get lucky and find one of our envelopes lying around…

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