Nilton Resende – The Crack

“Sky-blue,” the boy hears, as he sweeps the yard and feels the broom come to a sudden halt. He looks to one side with a start, then behind him, then up, and sees his cousin clutching the handle as she crouches down. She takes his face, cupping it with her hands. She pulls back a little as she looks at him, taking his face out of the shade and thrusting it into the sun. He closes his eyes, but she asks him to open them. He obeys, slowly, his eyelids trembling, as the woman in front of him, half her body silhouetted against the light, arms outstretched and stroking his head, says, “Like an angel.” She then returns him to the zone of shade and rest as she kisses his forehead. “Your eyes are sky-blue.”She looks towards the porch. “He’s such a beautiful boy.”

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Written by Nilton Resende and translated by Ailson Entrekin.
Nilton Resende is a literary professor, researcher and actor. His books include O orvalho e os dias (poetry) and Diabolô (short stories). Recent work includes a stage adaptation and production of Thomas Mann’s story “Mario and the Magician”, under the title The Magician, for his theatre company Ganymedes. He comes from Maceió, a state capital in North-Eastern Brazil.
Alison Entrekin has translated many Brazilian works into English, including City of God by Paulo Lins, The Eternal Son by Cristovão Tezza and Budapest by Chico Buarque, which was voted one of the 10 best books published in the UK in 2004 and a finalist in the 2004 Independent Foreign Fiction Award.

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