Man Said by Helen Silverstein


Man Said

Helen Silverstein

Man said, girl done got herself knocked up.

Woman said, Ima help her mama kill the man done this.

Man said, could see this one comin’ mile way.  Girl actin’ like a slut.

Woman said, girl ain’t nothing but a child. What kinda man touch a child like that?

Man said, her mama shoulda teach her better, watch her better.

Woman said, hmph.

Man said, any fool see she gonna be trouble, struttin’ her stuff around the wrong men.

Woman said, in trouble now, for sure. Gonna be trouble too. Ima see to that.

Man said, girl try to blame her daddy.

Woman said, Ima help her kill that bastard, if he done it.

Man said, you crazy.

Woman said, could be.

Man said, what her daddy want to fool with that girl with his fine lookin’ wife round?

Woman said, don’t matter what his wife look like.

Man said, then girl try to say she a virgin. Say Heavenly Father did this to her.

Woman said, Ima help her mama kill the man done this to her.

Man said, not if she got God’s baby in there, you’re not.

Woman said, all babies God’s children.

Man said, this one could be special. Girl with God’s Child.

Woman said, I already done way with God foolin’ with girls. Got me righteous Goddess comin’ after man touched that girl.

Man said, you fool, God ain’t no woman.

Woman said, God ain’t no daddy foolin’ with his child.

Man said, you crazy.

Woman said, you worse.

Man say, you no match for the man done this to her.

Woman say, hmph.

Man said, whatcha gonna do? Get yourself a gang of women? An army?

I might.

You fool.

You worse.

Helen Silverstein weaves her experience as a therapist together with her work with low-income families to create stories that take an authentic look at family relationships and societal hardships. Helen is managing editor of Southern Women’s Review. Her website is

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