Twins by Laura Solomon

I have two heads. I say ‘I’, I mean we, me and my conjoined twin. She is Trinity, I am Stella. Between us we have two hearts, three lungs, two spines and two heads, as formerly mentioned. Currently, we are learning to drive. We are ever so co-ordinated. People are impressed. Trinity takes control of the wheel, the lights and the indicators, and I take control of the pedals. Off we go, wheee whizzing round traffic islands, ducking and diving through the dirty streets of London, then on to the M4 to Bristol to visit Aunt Margaret.

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Laura Solomon is the author of three novels: Black Light (1996), Nothing Lasting (1997) and An Imitation of Life (2009), and one short story collection, Alternative Medicine (2008). She has twice won a prize in the Bridport short story competition and has won prizes in the Edwin Morgan International Poetry, Essex Poetry Festival and Ware Poets competitions.

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