Piss and Patchouli by Jonathan Pinnock

I’d been given detailed instructions on how to get there from Chalk Farm tube station, but it was all too easy to tell which had been Astrid’s flat: it was the one on the ground floor with the soot marks around the windows. The front door had a temporary padlock attached to it, but it was hanging loose. I was wondering whether I should take advantage of this when the door burst open and a man wearing a hi-visibility jacket and orange wellies came out carrying a couple of bin bags. He dumped the bags on the ground between us and eyed me up and down.

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Jonathan Pinnock was born in Bedfordshire and has since relocated to the equally uninteresting nextdoor county of Hertfordshire. He’s had quite a few short stories published here and there, although for the time being he would like to be primarily known as the author of the increasingly peculiar serial “Mrs Darcy vs The Aliens”, which you can find at www.mrsdarcyvsthealiens.com. His main website is at www.jonathanpinnock.com.

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