Clubs and Societies by Deborah Fielding

There’s a song on the radio and like all songs, it is about love. John has heard the song before, but as he sits here in his living room on his day off with his feet up on the coffee table, he hears what the words really mean. For the first time the lyrics make sense to him.

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Since finishing her Creative Writing MA at UEA, Deborah Fielding has been writing short stories and working on a novel. Deborah is fascinated by the relationships between the arts: her current project investigates the connection between the visual and written arts. Deborah wants her writing to look beautiful on the page, but also ensures her words sound good when read aloud. She has read at events in London, Devon and Bucks and is looking forward to reading at the Greenbelt Arts Festival in August 2010.
Clubs and Societies is taken from the anthology 100 Stories for Haiti, which was assembled and published in March 2010 by Greg McQueen, in aid of the victims of the Haiti earthquake. All proceeds from the anthology go directly to the Red Cross. You can find out more at

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