murrai is pondering… by Antón R Reixa


murrai is pondering a profound study on
ignorance but does not want to devote himself to writing it
until he acquires greater general unknowledge
yes yes the paper towels for

(From Stories of Rock-and-Roll, 1985)

Antón R Reixa (born 1957) is one of the most radical innovators in Galician poetry. Since the 1980s he has been experimenting with multimedia poetry and artists books. He is associated with the Galician poets known as ‘Rompente’ (‘white breakers’), and was also lead singer and lyricist in Os Resentidos, the first band to sing entirely in Galician.
This poem was translated by Alan Floyd, a lecturer at the University of Coruña.
Both poems will appear later this year in
Breogán’s Lighthouse: An Anthology of Galician Literature, edited by Antonio R. de Toro Santos (Francis Boutle, 2010).

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