Bodyguard by Xurxo Borrazas

Translated by John Rutherford

‘Attack the seagulls’ nest,’ a man’s voice repeated on the intercom. ‘Attack the seagulls’ nest.’

‘The seagulls’ nest?’ he tried to confirm. ‘That’d be the fourth day running, Queen!’ But the communication was cut short at the other end without further explanation.

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Xurxo Borrazás (Carballo, 1963) has been called the enfant terrible of Galician literature. He has written novels, short stories and essays, winning the prestigious Crítica Española Prize. He is credited with introducing postmodern writing into the Galician context. Borrazás teaches English language and literature at secondary school. He has translated Miller’s Tropic of Cancer and Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury into Galician.
In addition to translating Don Quixote and La regenta from Spanish to English, John Rutherford directs translation workshops at Oxford University’s Centre for Galician Studies, which have produced Them and other stories by Mendez Ferrín, Things by Castelao and From the beginning of the sea: An anthology of Galician contemporary
short stories.

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