Love Across the Borders by Gabriel Josipovici

– Take your coat, Veronica says to her son as the 11.52 express from Milan glides soundlessly into the main line station of Geneva and comes, almost imperceptibly, to a stop. Make sure you haven’t forgotten anything.

On the platform she takes his hand. – Can you see a taxi sign anywhere? she asks him.

– There, Mum! he says, swerving off suddenly to the left. Once again she marvels at how big he has grown in the past few months.

In the taxi she gives the driver an address and sits back, peering short-sightedly at the passing houses.

– Are we going to see Philippe?

– Not now. We’re going to the hotel first.

– And then we’re going to see him?

– No. Tomorrow morning.

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Gabriel Josipovici was born in Nice in 1940 and has lived in England since 1956. He is the author of fourteen novels, three collections of short stories, six critical books and of a dozen plays for stage and radio. His most recent book is Two Novels; After & Making Mistakes (Carcanet). Carcanet will be publishing a volume of new and selected stories, Heart’s Wings, later this year.

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