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  • Love Letter To London Love Letter To London
  • The Forgotten Hill Station The Forgotten Hill Station
  • Post-Mortem Post-Mortem
  • The Thermodynamics of Glass The Thermodynamics of Glass
  • Hairfall Hairfall
  • Birds in a Glass Cage Birds in a Glass Cage
  • Cruise Cruise
  • Crush Crush





#Story Sunday

  • Have you seen?

    “Have you seen a small girl, about this high, six years old, dark hair, purple duffel coat, glasses with a patch over one eye? Her name’s Amirah. Amirah. A-m-i-r-a-h. How hard can it be, for goodness sa…? Please, you

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#Essay Saturday

  • Love Letter To London

    You annoy me sometimes, but still, I’m drawn to you like the magnetic north. Like iron filings in a school physics lesson; fragments of me arc this way and that, partly repelled, partly attracted.

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#On Writing

  • Close to Nature

    In order to write well, in order to create stories or poetry or music or art, the artist must make an effort to live consciously. Finding the time to get away from manic urban spaces to renew our bond

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#Tuesday Tales

  • The Hold

    The room went dark but for the light falling soft into the room and softer down the hallway from the bare bulb of the entry, the arch hiding the bulb itself from her, even as she lay entwined on

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  • Decantation

    Our supple, expressive Merlot boasts an inky colour and plush texture, layering blueberry and plum chewiness with hints of espresso, green olives, and warm pine needles. A tight finish of ashes and river stones.


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